Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WOOT! Finally made Supernova!

I officially made Supernova a bit ago which is awesome.  I'll be concierging $6-700 in gift cards in the next few days which is a nice boost to the br.  I'll probably cash most of it out though.  I should notice a big increase in my "rakeback" since I'll be able to concierge things and get the cash put straight in my account.  

I cashed out another chunk after I hit nova and have dropped back down to nl25.   NL50 has been going ok, but I've ran even for about 20k hands now so I'm gonna drop back down to nl25 until I can grind it back up a bit to move to nl50.  I'm gonna try to squeeze in some hands in the next couple days so I can get back up asap.

So Thanksgiving it tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a fairly peaceful day.  The wife and kids will be gone part of the day so that will give me some quiet time to grind.  I'm also gonna try to hunt a bit since I have deer running all over my backyard now.  We're still trying to get ready for the baby, but all the major stuff is done.   My list includes cleaning the garage, basement, office, deck, and everything else outside.  I'm going to fry a couple turkeys either today or in the morning.  I still need to find a good recipe and directions to cook it.  Last year it was a bit undercooked which sucked, but I have high hopes for this year.  I'll post again maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

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