Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finished up for the night

So I just finished my session for Wednesday night. It started off slow, but eventually I came out on top. I'm feeling really good about my play so far, and running good is helping. So far this month I've played 6775 hands NL25 for $485.55 profit, 14ptbb/100. I definitely don't expect to run at 14bb/100 forever, but it is nice when it happens.

Goal: $1400
To date: $+$446.40
Need: $993.60

Been a while

So my last entry was a couple weeks ago. I've been horribly busy lately. I spent the last weekend at my Grandma's house in Louisiana which is always nice for a change. Everything just seems to move a little slower down there and it was nice to see family that I haven't seen since November. While I was there I finished up my stake, finally. I finished +$65 or so, which is ok since I was -$550 at one time. My staker has offered to let me run it again, which I plan to do in a few weeks. I've decided to drop back down and play NL25 6max for a while. I want to be able to 6-8 table while keeping my vpip/pfr up to where it was when I quit playing NL50. Since Sunday I've played 4611 hands at NL25 and am +$378, running at 16ptbb/100 which is amazing. Last night I played around 4k hands which is where I made $330 of that. I'm hoping to run at around 7-8ptbb/100 at NL25. My vpip/pfr is 14/12 right now, so I need to get it up a little. I'm wanting to be around 17/14, so I'm pretty close.

Also in the last couple weeks we've decided to move back to Russellville. I am definitely looking forward to it and think it will be a change for the better. We're planning on moving June 6th, which bring me to the last point of my post.

I'm estimating that I will need around $1400 for the move for rental truck, house deposit, and other utility deposits. I've decided that I want to pay for all of this with poker money, so I'm gonna give it a try. I actually decided this yesterday so we will put the start date on May 27, and stop date will probably be June 4th, to allow me time to cash out before the 6th. I'll keep a running total daily of my progress.

Goal: $1400
To date: $+$339.15
Need: $1060.85

Friday, May 16, 2008

Running like absolute crap

So I haven't felt like updating lately. Over the weekend I played quite a bit, I started out ok, but quickly had a 5 BI downswing, that's tolerable but I quickly recovered and got it back to even. Then I had another 5 BI downswing, I can handle that, 6 max is known for it's high variance anyway, I quickly got it back up to nearly even, then hell hit. Over the next 10k hands, I've dropped 20 BIs, which absolutely sucks. I have definitely taken my fair share of beats lately, but I am seriously doubting my game. I have noticed I've been playing differently in a lot of spots. Since the downswing began I have played over 6 tables at a time (compared to the 12 I was playing), and I've mostly been 4 tabling. I'm really trying to get my vpip/pfr stats to where they should be and actually concentrate on other players and make more profitable plays, instead of just blowing and going w/o thinking too much. The odd thing is that I've been losing a lot more since I've started to slow down, which is to be expected when you're trying to adjust from vpip/pfr 13/9 to 17/14. right now I'm playing around 16/11, so need to get my pfr up a tab bit more. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon or my backer will probably shoot me. Til the next update, gl at the tables.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May so far.

May is starting out great. On May 1 I was talking to a friend of mine and he asked if I would like him to back me so I could play NL50 with a proper bankroll, I agreed and off I went. At the end of April I started mixing up Full Ring with 6max and was having good results at both, but 6max was going a little better, so we agreed that I will play 50k hands at NL50 6max. So far I've played 26k hands and am +$460, 1.8ptbb/100. This is a bit low but over the last 4 sessions I've had 2 5 bi drops, so I expect this to go up, I really hope I can get somewhere around 3-5, but we'll see. Today I played some tourneys, won a 5400 FPP satellite to the $1m for $215, then won a $10.70 DSO for another $215, so that was nice. I tried to win a couple seats to the San Jose qualifier, but didn't luck out. Gonna try to get 2-3k more hands in today hopefully so we'll see how that goes.

Getting Started

Ok, so I've tried the whole blog thing several times and I always quit posting after a couple weeks. Hopefully this time I will continue updating my blog instead of forgetting about it.

I have been playing online poker now for nearly 3 years (wow, weird to say that.) I started out like most people, a losing player, until I found Internet Texas Holdem. I learned there how to play Limit Hold'em, which was my game of choice for around a year while I built a bankroll. Then I discovered NL Hold'em Tournaments. They're like crack, you just have to have more. I focused on tournaments for around 1.5 years and had some decent success, but nothing great. My biggest score actually came this year at the Oklahoma State Poker Championship, where I finished 4/754 in a $300 event for a cool $13k. Sometime late 2007 I decided to start focusing on NL cash games. It seemed as if all the Limit games had gotten tough and the fish were at NL, so that's where I went, which brings us up to now.

2008 started off slow, my bankroll was nearly void, around $200 in January. It had actually slid down to $15 at one time and I slowly rebuilt it. I started playing NL10 6-max and it went great, but when I went to NL25 6max, things were different. I was having a tough time beating it, along with my buddy Dank. We decided to both make the jump to Full Ring games. I have now played over 100k hands at NL25 Full Ring since mid March and have had good results. During April I decided to start playing seriously and logged over 100k hands at mostly at NL25. I tried moving up to NL50 several times during April, but every time I had to drop back down to NL25 and rebuild, I just couldn't beat NL50 for some reason. I ended up with around $1500 profit in April, which I was definitely happy with. The mail problem was that I kept having to cash out for "real life" stuff, which was stunting my growth as a player. That's all my history and brings us up to May.