Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kinda blah session

Just put in another quick 1k hands and finished -95. I had AA 5x and KK 11x, but only finished +16 between the two. I lost two big hands with AK vs Ax on A high flop and same with AQ. I think I played ok overall with the exception of those 2 hands. I probably won't post again til Sunday some time as these short posts are a bit tedious.

Also, I think I'm going to Tunica in January to play a couple WSOP events. Dank and another buddy from Russellville are planning on going, as well as yankees from ITH. Hopefully we can get a few more ITHers to join us. As of right now we're planning on playing the $300 6max tourney on Jan. 23 and the $300 on Jan. 24. Hopefully this goes through b/c I'm ready to take another shot at a live tourney after my results in February. Aight, off to work.

VPP to Supernova: 6187

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