Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally got some playing in

So I finally got some playing in over the last couple days since I got my new ISP set up. Since Wednesday I've played 8k hands @ nl25 and am +308 and 1k hands at nl50 and finished +112. NL25 has been a major roller coaster with Wednesday finishing +10.5 bi for the day after 2k hands. Then Thursday morning I wake up and proceed to lose 8 bi of that in 2k hands. Standard variance imo. I ended up playing 4k more hands @ nl25 yesterday and made it all back +2 bi. Then I decided to make the jump to NL50 for the rest of the night. It started off rough with me dropping 3.5 bi in 500 hands. I lost AK on an AxTA board to TT as well as set-under-set which always sucks. Even had a flush under flush which hasn't happened in quite a while. I ended up grinding it back though and finished +2 bi so I was happy. I have to get used to the monetary swings @ nl50 or I'll never be able to beat it. It's so easy to throw around a bi @ nl25 but I'm more cautious at nl50 even though it's the same game. I can definitely tell The Poker Mindset is still having a positive effect on my game. Even though I have tilted some (headhunting mostly) I've been able to make myself stop.

So the dell guy just came (while I was posting this) and replaced my LCD, keyboard, palm rest, and wi-fi antenna so now I pretty much have a new system except for the video card, ram, and hard drive.  Hopefully this will last me a bit longer until I can buy a new system.  

I won't get to play much this weekend b/c I have to work and will be driving back and forth every day which means I'll get home around 8am and have to leave again around 3:30, I can usually squeeze in 1k or 2k hands before I leave though.  I'm having the best month I've had in a while so I need to keep grinding.  30k hands so far this month so I'm about 20k behind where I want to be.  I really think I can make it up and hit 100k this month which is my goal.  I'm gonna try to get in a quick session before I leave this afternoon so I'll post back this afternoon. 

VPP to Supernova:  6623

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