Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WOOT! Finally made Supernova!

I officially made Supernova a bit ago which is awesome.  I'll be concierging $6-700 in gift cards in the next few days which is a nice boost to the br.  I'll probably cash most of it out though.  I should notice a big increase in my "rakeback" since I'll be able to concierge things and get the cash put straight in my account.  

I cashed out another chunk after I hit nova and have dropped back down to nl25.   NL50 has been going ok, but I've ran even for about 20k hands now so I'm gonna drop back down to nl25 until I can grind it back up a bit to move to nl50.  I'm gonna try to squeeze in some hands in the next couple days so I can get back up asap.

So Thanksgiving it tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a fairly peaceful day.  The wife and kids will be gone part of the day so that will give me some quiet time to grind.  I'm also gonna try to hunt a bit since I have deer running all over my backyard now.  We're still trying to get ready for the baby, but all the major stuff is done.   My list includes cleaning the garage, basement, office, deck, and everything else outside.  I'm going to fry a couple turkeys either today or in the morning.  I still need to find a good recipe and directions to cook it.  Last year it was a bit undercooked which sucked, but I have high hopes for this year.  I'll post again maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grinding the last few days

Has been a while since I updated, so here goes. The last few days have gone pretty well. I've still gotten lazy playing, but just have lot going on still getting ready for the baby. For the last few days:

6.5k hands nl50, +$333, 5.2ptbb/100
115 hands nl50 HU, -$74, thanks dank
10.8k hands nl25, +134, 2.5ptbb/100

As you can see I moved up to nl50, which has been going well so far. I'm getting more comfortable with the $ amounts at nl50 which has been helping. I'm getting more aggressive also, but selectively. I'm so close to nova I can taste it, so hopefully I'll actually play today and get it wrapped up. Will be nice to get a $600 "bonus" from concierge. Will probably update next after I finally hit nova.

VPP to Supernova: 1872

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last few days.

I haven't played as much as I would like in the last few days. I managed to put in 6k hands yesterday which was nice, but not very profitable. I cashed out quite a chunk the other day and instead of dropping back to nl25, I decided to stick it out at nl50 and regret it now. I only dropped 3.5 bi there yesterday which is nothing, but when your roll is only 500 it definitely hurts. I'm gonna stay at nl25 now for a while until I can build it back up. Then I will move back up to nl50 and lose enough that I have to drop back down, lol. I'm still running very good for the month, actually, with over 43k hands played at nl25 and nl50 and running at 5ptbb/100 on both. Can't complain with that.

In other news, we still don't have baby. We had an appt. this morning with a nurse (whom I don't like) and were in there for 30 minutes and came out not knowing anything more than I did before. We have an appointment next Monday so hopefully we will know more.

I'm still keeping on teh grind to Nova and making good progress, but slower than I like. Just spending more time doing other things than playing. Gonna put in some hands tonight and hopefully in the morning before work though so maybe I can make some progress.

VPP to Supernova: 4519

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kinda blah session

Just put in another quick 1k hands and finished -95. I had AA 5x and KK 11x, but only finished +16 between the two. I lost two big hands with AK vs Ax on A high flop and same with AQ. I think I played ok overall with the exception of those 2 hands. I probably won't post again til Sunday some time as these short posts are a bit tedious.

Also, I think I'm going to Tunica in January to play a couple WSOP events. Dank and another buddy from Russellville are planning on going, as well as yankees from ITH. Hopefully we can get a few more ITHers to join us. As of right now we're planning on playing the $300 6max tourney on Jan. 23 and the $300 on Jan. 24. Hopefully this goes through b/c I'm ready to take another shot at a live tourney after my results in February. Aight, off to work.

VPP to Supernova: 6187

Quick update

So yesterday before I headed to work I played a quick 1k hand session at nl50 and ended +212.  I've been on such a sick run lately.  I am definitely keeping in mind that most of it is variance and that I can't really run at 13ptbb/100 forever, lol.  Gonna try to get in another 1k hands or so before I head to work so will update late.  

VPP to Supernova:  6403

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally got some playing in

So I finally got some playing in over the last couple days since I got my new ISP set up. Since Wednesday I've played 8k hands @ nl25 and am +308 and 1k hands at nl50 and finished +112. NL25 has been a major roller coaster with Wednesday finishing +10.5 bi for the day after 2k hands. Then Thursday morning I wake up and proceed to lose 8 bi of that in 2k hands. Standard variance imo. I ended up playing 4k more hands @ nl25 yesterday and made it all back +2 bi. Then I decided to make the jump to NL50 for the rest of the night. It started off rough with me dropping 3.5 bi in 500 hands. I lost AK on an AxTA board to TT as well as set-under-set which always sucks. Even had a flush under flush which hasn't happened in quite a while. I ended up grinding it back though and finished +2 bi so I was happy. I have to get used to the monetary swings @ nl50 or I'll never be able to beat it. It's so easy to throw around a bi @ nl25 but I'm more cautious at nl50 even though it's the same game. I can definitely tell The Poker Mindset is still having a positive effect on my game. Even though I have tilted some (headhunting mostly) I've been able to make myself stop.

So the dell guy just came (while I was posting this) and replaced my LCD, keyboard, palm rest, and wi-fi antenna so now I pretty much have a new system except for the video card, ram, and hard drive.  Hopefully this will last me a bit longer until I can buy a new system.  

I won't get to play much this weekend b/c I have to work and will be driving back and forth every day which means I'll get home around 8am and have to leave again around 3:30, I can usually squeeze in 1k or 2k hands before I leave though.  I'm having the best month I've had in a while so I need to keep grinding.  30k hands so far this month so I'm about 20k behind where I want to be.  I really think I can make it up and hit 100k this month which is my goal.  I'm gonna try to get in a quick session before I leave this afternoon so I'll post back this afternoon. 

VPP to Supernova:  6623

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Poker Mindset and other stuff

So I finally finished reading The Poker Mindset by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger (ITH.)  I must admit that I am very impressed with the book overall and think it was very well written.  It brought up a lot of new concepts to give you a more in-depth look at the psychological side of things. I would highly suggest that every poker player reads this book.

I haven't gotten much playing in over the last few days.  I was off all weekend but only got in around 4k hands. Mainly due to the fact that I cancelled my old ISP b/c it sucked and am waiting on my new service to be installed Wednesday, so I was stuck using my cell phone to connect which puts me on tilt b/c I have shitty signal at the house and disconnect a lot.  So rather than tilting all weekend I just kicked back and enjoyed it.  I also formatted my laptop over the weekend so it took a while to get everything copied back over, which is always a pita.

It looks like we've almost finished Carter's room.  We got it painted and pictures hung up and such.  The only thing we're waiting on is her bed and the baby, obv.  The wife is kinda thinking that she will come early, and I wouldn't be surprised.  She's about to bust and it looks like she has an alien moving around in her stomach or something.  

I'm planning on getting in a lot of hands Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday I will get slowed down a bit b/c of the ISP coming out and I also have Dell coming out to replace my motherboard and processor to hopefully fix my speed issues.  I'll probably be getting thelaptop screen and keyboard replaced soon as well.  Might as well get it all fixed now b/c the warranty runs out in January.

VPP to Supernova:  7730

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mobile posting

So it seems pretty simple to post from my mobile. Hopefully this will work b/c I always have my phone with and time to kill so I will actually post. Anyway, just a quick post to test.
Quick post. I've been on quite a tear lately and have been running great and playing ok. Since Wednesday I'm +$488 after 5040 hands.

NL50 - 2991 hands - +504
NL50 HU - 925 hands - -33
NL25 - 1124 hands - +18

I've been running like god at nl50 which has been nice for a change. I got the urge to play some HU today and I need to quit that. I'm not good and I tilt too easily right now. Gonna keep grinding NL25 and taking shots at NL50, hopefully I can settle in there full time soon. I should get a lot of playing this weekend, but will be in the woods quite a bit since deer season opens Saturday morning.

VPP to Supernova: 8758

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally an update

Well it's been a couple months since I updated so I decided to get off my lazy ass and post something. The last couple months have been fairly slow with moving up to NL50 and NL100 for a bit. Obv I run like shit at NL100 but NL50 has been going ok, at least breaking even now. I'm making a huge push for Supernova on Pokerstars and have nearly made it! Nov has started off well and I'm hoping to keep it rolling all month and actually have a 4 fig month again.

Enough poker for now. We are about 3.5 weeks away from Carter (baby) being here. I can't believe it's happening so fast. We are picking up the crib next week and painting her room this weekend. So much to do and not enough time to do it. I also have to decide how long I'm gonna take off work when she's born, but it's looking like 6 weeks atm. I'll see what it's like to be a 'Poker Pro" for a few weeks anyway which can either be good or can be a total disaster, I hope for the former obv. Deer season has also started so I'm trying to get in as much hunting as I can. I made my annual trip to the deer camp in October and had a blast as always. It doesn't look like I'll get another chance to go this year, but next year I will be there a lot.

The election is finally over and Obama won. What a flipping disgrace. WTF is wrong with the American people nowadays? Have all sense of morals and doing what is right disappeared? I've felt like vomiting since I heard them announce that he won, so disqusted that I can't even look at the news right now until all of this shit has passed. Anyway, that's it for now. I'm gonna do my best to post more updates and will keep a running total of VPP progress.

VPP to Supernova: 9288