Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Poker Mindset and other stuff

So I finally finished reading The Poker Mindset by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger (ITH.)  I must admit that I am very impressed with the book overall and think it was very well written.  It brought up a lot of new concepts to give you a more in-depth look at the psychological side of things. I would highly suggest that every poker player reads this book.

I haven't gotten much playing in over the last few days.  I was off all weekend but only got in around 4k hands. Mainly due to the fact that I cancelled my old ISP b/c it sucked and am waiting on my new service to be installed Wednesday, so I was stuck using my cell phone to connect which puts me on tilt b/c I have shitty signal at the house and disconnect a lot.  So rather than tilting all weekend I just kicked back and enjoyed it.  I also formatted my laptop over the weekend so it took a while to get everything copied back over, which is always a pita.

It looks like we've almost finished Carter's room.  We got it painted and pictures hung up and such.  The only thing we're waiting on is her bed and the baby, obv.  The wife is kinda thinking that she will come early, and I wouldn't be surprised.  She's about to bust and it looks like she has an alien moving around in her stomach or something.  

I'm planning on getting in a lot of hands Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday I will get slowed down a bit b/c of the ISP coming out and I also have Dell coming out to replace my motherboard and processor to hopefully fix my speed issues.  I'll probably be getting thelaptop screen and keyboard replaced soon as well.  Might as well get it all fixed now b/c the warranty runs out in January.

VPP to Supernova:  7730

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