Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grinding the last few days

Has been a while since I updated, so here goes. The last few days have gone pretty well. I've still gotten lazy playing, but just have lot going on still getting ready for the baby. For the last few days:

6.5k hands nl50, +$333, 5.2ptbb/100
115 hands nl50 HU, -$74, thanks dank
10.8k hands nl25, +134, 2.5ptbb/100

As you can see I moved up to nl50, which has been going well so far. I'm getting more comfortable with the $ amounts at nl50 which has been helping. I'm getting more aggressive also, but selectively. I'm so close to nova I can taste it, so hopefully I'll actually play today and get it wrapped up. Will be nice to get a $600 "bonus" from concierge. Will probably update next after I finally hit nova.

VPP to Supernova: 1872

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