Friday, June 13, 2008

Cashed out my roll last night

Well I finally made it back up to the $500 mark last night and decided to cash out all of it (I actually had $12 left.) I plan to redeposit only if I have to in a couple weeks, but I'm hoping to have it built back up by then. I had around 2500 fpps left and discovered the 210 fpp 2 table satellites to the 100k paying 6 seats. I played 12-13 of them and won 5-6 so they definitely seem +EV to me and might be how I convert my fpps from now on. As of right now my roll is sitting at $58.37 after I donked off a bit at NL5. I also played a 2/180 turbo and finished 13th in it, which is ok I guess since I haven't been playing tourneys in a while. They seem like a good cheap way to build the roll up. I played 5 $2 HU sngs and only won 1 which sucks, but I got sucked out on hardcore in a few of them so oh well. I'm working all weekend so it will cut into my playing time quite a bit, but oh well, that's life I guess.

I finally got a chance to look at the house we're moving to and love it. It's 4br, 2 bath with a bonus room and an office. The yard is very shady and has a huge deck going out back and French doors leading from the master BR and living room. Also has a Jacuzzi in the master bathroom which is awesome, very relaxing. We should be moving in the weekend of July 4th, gotta wait until it's good and hot obv. I'll post some pics after we get in and get everything finished out. Next weekend I'll be in Louisiana again and can't wait. Then it's just a few more weeks til vacation in Florida! We're stopping off at Tunica on July 24th, then staying in Buloxi the 25th, from the 26th to August 1 I'll be chillaxin in Destin, can't wait. That's all for now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Been way too busy lately

So we ended up getting most everything moved Saturday. I wanted to be leaving NWA by noon, but at 4:30 we were still cramming stuff in the truck. We had a 24' moving truck rented which was totally filled. I was towing the wife's Millenia which was full, the Suburban was full, as well as my MIL's Xterra. Of course there are still a few things left that I will have to get and the Jeep also.

So poker has been going crappy lately. Over my last 34k hands at NL25 I'm running at 4.5ptbb/100 for a nice profit, however, there is a 20k hand even stretch in there which has been killing me. I think I am playing well, but my cards just aren't strong enough. I've lost set under set a few times (of course this was after talking to Dank about not having set under set lately) and AA not holding up preflop a few times. One of my favorite hands was AdKd aipf vs QQ, losing I don't mind, but when you flop a flush draw, turn a K and still lose on the river it's a kick in the nuts. I was a 9:1 favorite on the turn, there were 4 cards on the river he could hit (the off Q and 3 T for a gutshot) of course he hits he Q to make it even more sick.

For the month I've played 27k hands at nl25 and am running 2ptbb/100. Not horrible for how I've been running I guess, but it's 1/3 of what I'd like it to be. I still think I can manage 100k hands for the month, but it's looking like I might have to cash out most of my roll so we'll see. That's it for now.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Slow goin

Well June is starting off slow. Have only gotten 1.2k hands in and am -$45. It started off fairly well and I was +90 soon, but dropped over the last 400 hands I played. I cashed out $500 yesterday so that is definitely a big hit to the br, it's at around $275 atm. I've been playing NL50, but am going to drop down to 6 tabling NL25 until I get back to around $500, which hopefully won't take too long. I've decided that I need to get more active in the ITH NL forum so I am going to start posting 3 hands every day for review. Hopefully this will help smooth out my game a little and fill in the voids. I'm definitely feeling very well about how I'm playing and have definitely learned a lot over the last 2 months.

I'm not sure how much playing I'm going to get done over the next couple weeks. I'm going to try for around 3k hands/day, but it will be tough. I will have both my girls at home all week so it will slow me down a bit. Oh, and there's the whole house packing thing so we can be ready to move by Friday. That's all I've got now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

HU and end of the month

So I got the HU itch over the last couple days. It started off we and I was +3 bi over 1.8k hands, which I was ok with, then tilt hit. I dropped to -400 at 3.8k hands, but ran it up to -$14 at 4.5k hands, tilt again and it ends at -$412 over 5.4k hands. I have to stay away, but that game is too addictive.

For the month:
Overall I'm happy with the month. It could have definitely been better, but it could have been worse. The first 3 weeks of the month I was working on the stake which was very swingy, since then I've been running great at the tables. I only played 68k hands this month, which is around half what I wanted, but dropping to 4 -6 tables slowed me way down. I do think I am move +EV now though even playing less tables. Since the stake ended I've played 5.5k hands NL50 6max and am running 7ptbb, I'd love to be able to keep this as my earn rate and definitely think it's possible. NL25 I'm runinng even hotter at 14ptbb/100 over 6.8k hands.

I'm going to try to play 100k hands in June, but it will be tough. With the move and adjusting to the new schedule and stuff, but I think I can do it. Here's the graph for the month and goal results:

Goal: $1400.00
To date: +$420.90
Need: $979.10