Friday, June 13, 2008

Cashed out my roll last night

Well I finally made it back up to the $500 mark last night and decided to cash out all of it (I actually had $12 left.) I plan to redeposit only if I have to in a couple weeks, but I'm hoping to have it built back up by then. I had around 2500 fpps left and discovered the 210 fpp 2 table satellites to the 100k paying 6 seats. I played 12-13 of them and won 5-6 so they definitely seem +EV to me and might be how I convert my fpps from now on. As of right now my roll is sitting at $58.37 after I donked off a bit at NL5. I also played a 2/180 turbo and finished 13th in it, which is ok I guess since I haven't been playing tourneys in a while. They seem like a good cheap way to build the roll up. I played 5 $2 HU sngs and only won 1 which sucks, but I got sucked out on hardcore in a few of them so oh well. I'm working all weekend so it will cut into my playing time quite a bit, but oh well, that's life I guess.

I finally got a chance to look at the house we're moving to and love it. It's 4br, 2 bath with a bonus room and an office. The yard is very shady and has a huge deck going out back and French doors leading from the master BR and living room. Also has a Jacuzzi in the master bathroom which is awesome, very relaxing. We should be moving in the weekend of July 4th, gotta wait until it's good and hot obv. I'll post some pics after we get in and get everything finished out. Next weekend I'll be in Louisiana again and can't wait. Then it's just a few more weeks til vacation in Florida! We're stopping off at Tunica on July 24th, then staying in Buloxi the 25th, from the 26th to August 1 I'll be chillaxin in Destin, can't wait. That's all for now.

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