Sunday, June 1, 2008

HU and end of the month

So I got the HU itch over the last couple days. It started off we and I was +3 bi over 1.8k hands, which I was ok with, then tilt hit. I dropped to -400 at 3.8k hands, but ran it up to -$14 at 4.5k hands, tilt again and it ends at -$412 over 5.4k hands. I have to stay away, but that game is too addictive.

For the month:
Overall I'm happy with the month. It could have definitely been better, but it could have been worse. The first 3 weeks of the month I was working on the stake which was very swingy, since then I've been running great at the tables. I only played 68k hands this month, which is around half what I wanted, but dropping to 4 -6 tables slowed me way down. I do think I am move +EV now though even playing less tables. Since the stake ended I've played 5.5k hands NL50 6max and am running 7ptbb, I'd love to be able to keep this as my earn rate and definitely think it's possible. NL25 I'm runinng even hotter at 14ptbb/100 over 6.8k hands.

I'm going to try to play 100k hands in June, but it will be tough. With the move and adjusting to the new schedule and stuff, but I think I can do it. Here's the graph for the month and goal results:

Goal: $1400.00
To date: +$420.90
Need: $979.10

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