Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Been way too busy lately

So we ended up getting most everything moved Saturday. I wanted to be leaving NWA by noon, but at 4:30 we were still cramming stuff in the truck. We had a 24' moving truck rented which was totally filled. I was towing the wife's Millenia which was full, the Suburban was full, as well as my MIL's Xterra. Of course there are still a few things left that I will have to get and the Jeep also.

So poker has been going crappy lately. Over my last 34k hands at NL25 I'm running at 4.5ptbb/100 for a nice profit, however, there is a 20k hand even stretch in there which has been killing me. I think I am playing well, but my cards just aren't strong enough. I've lost set under set a few times (of course this was after talking to Dank about not having set under set lately) and AA not holding up preflop a few times. One of my favorite hands was AdKd aipf vs QQ, losing I don't mind, but when you flop a flush draw, turn a K and still lose on the river it's a kick in the nuts. I was a 9:1 favorite on the turn, there were 4 cards on the river he could hit (the off Q and 3 T for a gutshot) of course he hits he Q to make it even more sick.

For the month I've played 27k hands at nl25 and am running 2ptbb/100. Not horrible for how I've been running I guess, but it's 1/3 of what I'd like it to be. I still think I can manage 100k hands for the month, but it's looking like I might have to cash out most of my roll so we'll see. That's it for now.

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