Friday, May 16, 2008

Running like absolute crap

So I haven't felt like updating lately. Over the weekend I played quite a bit, I started out ok, but quickly had a 5 BI downswing, that's tolerable but I quickly recovered and got it back to even. Then I had another 5 BI downswing, I can handle that, 6 max is known for it's high variance anyway, I quickly got it back up to nearly even, then hell hit. Over the next 10k hands, I've dropped 20 BIs, which absolutely sucks. I have definitely taken my fair share of beats lately, but I am seriously doubting my game. I have noticed I've been playing differently in a lot of spots. Since the downswing began I have played over 6 tables at a time (compared to the 12 I was playing), and I've mostly been 4 tabling. I'm really trying to get my vpip/pfr stats to where they should be and actually concentrate on other players and make more profitable plays, instead of just blowing and going w/o thinking too much. The odd thing is that I've been losing a lot more since I've started to slow down, which is to be expected when you're trying to adjust from vpip/pfr 13/9 to 17/14. right now I'm playing around 16/11, so need to get my pfr up a tab bit more. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon or my backer will probably shoot me. Til the next update, gl at the tables.

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