Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Started

Ok, so I've tried the whole blog thing several times and I always quit posting after a couple weeks. Hopefully this time I will continue updating my blog instead of forgetting about it.

I have been playing online poker now for nearly 3 years (wow, weird to say that.) I started out like most people, a losing player, until I found Internet Texas Holdem. I learned there how to play Limit Hold'em, which was my game of choice for around a year while I built a bankroll. Then I discovered NL Hold'em Tournaments. They're like crack, you just have to have more. I focused on tournaments for around 1.5 years and had some decent success, but nothing great. My biggest score actually came this year at the Oklahoma State Poker Championship, where I finished 4/754 in a $300 event for a cool $13k. Sometime late 2007 I decided to start focusing on NL cash games. It seemed as if all the Limit games had gotten tough and the fish were at NL, so that's where I went, which brings us up to now.

2008 started off slow, my bankroll was nearly void, around $200 in January. It had actually slid down to $15 at one time and I slowly rebuilt it. I started playing NL10 6-max and it went great, but when I went to NL25 6max, things were different. I was having a tough time beating it, along with my buddy Dank. We decided to both make the jump to Full Ring games. I have now played over 100k hands at NL25 Full Ring since mid March and have had good results. During April I decided to start playing seriously and logged over 100k hands at mostly at NL25. I tried moving up to NL50 several times during April, but every time I had to drop back down to NL25 and rebuild, I just couldn't beat NL50 for some reason. I ended up with around $1500 profit in April, which I was definitely happy with. The mail problem was that I kept having to cash out for "real life" stuff, which was stunting my growth as a player. That's all my history and brings us up to May.

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