Friday, December 19, 2008

December so far

Well so far poker hasn't been going so great this month. It started out ok, but after cashing out all but $200 I've hit a wall. It's just too hard for me to play so few tables, but I have to do it. I've been hunting a lot which has cut into my playing time and it seems that even though I'm off work, there's always something to do. Hopefully I can get some time in over the next week though.

I'm actually riding on my way back from Louisana atm. My little brother graduates college tomorrow so we drove down to pick up my grandma so she could be there. It's 3.5 hours 1 way so a lot of chill time for sure. We did all our christmas shopping yesterday and have all but 1 or 2 things left. I think the kids will be pumped with everything we got them. I'll try to post more details on poker later. Til then, gla.
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