Friday, January 9, 2009

Starting off the new year

Well it's been a couple weeks since my last update so I figured I should get to it.  The holidays are over, thank god, so now I can get back to the grind.  I ended up going out to Texas on New Year's Eve and spent 4 days deer hunting with my brother and his father-in-law.  It's absolutely amazing how many deer there are out there.  I killed 1 doe while my brother killed 2.  I'm hoping to get to go out there again next season as the scenery is beautiful.  

I got back late on the 5th so didn't play my first hand for the year until the 6th.  My results so far:

NL25 - 8.5k hands - +$275 - 6.5ptbb/100
NL50 - 9k hands - +$4 - .04ptbb/100

I came home and ran good at nl25 so decided I should move up to nl50, where I run like shit obv.  I was +165 after 2k hands, but it has been a roller coaster.  I am playing nitty as hell so am gonna keep working on that, but I still think I can beat nl50, even though it's the devil, imo.  I'm starting to work on position and 3 betting more so we'll see what happens there.  

We're less than 2 weeks away from the Tunica trip and I can't wait.  There are 4 of us going plus some of the ITH guys so it should be a blast.  I'm planning on playing the $200 6max on Friday and the $300 on Saturday so hopefully someone will run good and go deep in one of the tourneys.  I'll try to keep it updated a bit more, but it's hard finding the time when I'm trying to get in at least 5k hands/day.  

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